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Soaring Eagle Home Inspections

The right inspector, right away.

Serving the Tri-state area. Contact us today to see if our professional home inspection experience can save you money.

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Do I need an inspection?

When you consider purchasing a property, you often think about the features you love. We all do it. But what about the home inspection and all the things a professional home inspector considers, but you might not catch?

Isn't it better to be able to say, "Sure I had it inspected. Here's the report. All of the major stuff is handled already." You'll add money to your bottom line if a buyer doesn't have to worry about annoying home repairs – especially major home concerns. You'll want to know about your HVAC, crawlspace, foundation, attic, roof, electrical and many other things. You'll want to know your home is ready to sell... and a licensed professional home inspection proves that.

Want your home loan to go through a bit easier? Want to know that the roof isn't going to collapse, or even have annoying structural flaws? You will definitely want to know that the home you're considering is built on a strong foundation. You'll also want to get all that information without having to crawl through every nook and cranny of the house. That's what we're here for.  Or maybe you've already purchased (or inherited) the home and want to protect it's value. We can provide a punch list of the major items on your home that need fixing. You'll add home value and protection by attending to problem areas as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, we're here to protect your bottom line. Soaring Eagle Home Inspections offers quality service, detailed reports, and a thorough look at the property's true status.

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